Abroad and India and its states provide all types of tourist attractions to all type of visitors with all types of accommodation. Our dedicated experts team involves in providing all types of accommodation that are available here in major to small cities. We provide hotels worldwide are well equipped with all types of amenities and facilities which a visitor desires during his trip. Deluxe classes to budget class hotels are available all over the globe to fulfill the needs of our customers. Our Hotels are fully backed by superior technology and excellent customer service.

Whatever your budget and plan we serve you in providing hotels of your choice and plan. Our simplified services of hotel booking are different and customers-friendly – a home away from home – that further feed the requirement of international travelers by its online hotel booking. Our network of hotels covers all the tourist destinations from all over the globe with inclusion of all types of hotels starting from heritage hotels to budget hotels.

Our hotel guide covers all details of hotels or resorts that help a lot before booking confirmation.

Unique Feature

  • Guaranteed lowest group hotel rates
  • Easy booking of hotels, resorts, Cottages and others through worldwide destination
  • No hidden cost
  • Group hotel bookings for multi trips
  • Customized service on booking like intimation on booking and any change
  • Availability of budget class, standard class, first class, deluxe class, heritage hotels

Available Category

  • Budget Class Hotels
    Simple with or without attached toilets non-air-conditioned. Less than 2 star.
  • Standard Class Hotels
    Comfortable, Air-conditioned, with at least one restaurant. 2/3 star category. No swimming pool. Health club etc.
  • First Class Hotels
    A first class air-conditioned hotel with more than one restaurant. May or may not have a swimming pool. 4/5 star category. Some of the smaller towns may not have such category hotels.
  • Deluxe Hotels
    A 5 star deluxe hotel with all the luxuries, you would find in a hotel of such category. These category of hotels are available in some major cities only.
  • Heritage Hotels
    Generally available in Rajasthan and Gujrat, may be classified in any of the above categories. The old havelies and palaces been converted into Heritage Hotels after due modifications keeping in mind the comfort of the guest.
  • Resports

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